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COVID-19 Update

Governor Tony Evers extended the “Safer at Home” policy throughout the state of Wisconsin. This is in effect until May 26, 2020, unless changed by the order of the governor.

Your dental health is important to us at Janssen Dental Clinic, and we recognize the need for you to have your teeth cleaned as an essential function. To that end, we will begin offering regular dental hygiene appointments again beginning Monday, April 27.

Be assured that for your safety and that of our team, we follow all safety protocols as laid out by governing boards. Janssen Dental has always and will continue to stay current on the most recent ADA, CDC, and OSHA guidelines.

If your appointment was previously canceled, you will be receiving a call from our office to reschedule your appointment.

Please understand you should not come in if you have symptoms of COVID-19, have traveled in the past month, had a fever, cough or sore throat in the past month, or have been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19.

Please feel free to ask questions when a member of our team contacts you to schedule your appointment. We want to make sure you feel comfortable with the protocols we have in place.

If you are uncomfortable coming in, please give us a call, and we will reschedule your appointment.

 We want to assure you that we are taking every precaution to ensure your visit to our office entails minimal risk. We have increased our already-high cleaning and disinfection standards, and are following expert recommendations throughout this rapidly changing environment.

Maintaining your dental health is an important step in keeping your body’s immune system in peak condition. Your best defense against any communicable disease – the coronavirus included – is to give your body all the tools it needs to fight off disease and infection.

When not to come

If you are experiencing symptoms of illness, regardless of whether you have been officially diagnosed with any illness, we ask that you please remain in your home and contact us to cancel your appointment.

This is especially true if your symptoms include a fever above 100.4 degrees, cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath.

In this case, call your doctor’s office and describe your symptoms. They likely will recommend that you treat your symptoms with pain relievers, appropriate over-the-counter cold and flu products, rest, and maintaining your fluid intake. Only go to the Emergency Department if you are experiencing more severe symptoms such as difficulty breathing, chest pain, or if you are feeling very ill.

Dr. Craig and the Janssen Dental team


What constitutes a dental emergency? CLICK HERE to see what the American Dental Association considers a dental emergency.

CLICK HERE  for an informative article on at home treatment for Coronavirus: Current Protocol Created by Thomas Levy, MD, JD

Disclaimer: The information shared here is educational in nature only. It does not intend or imply to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. 



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Welcome to Janssen Dental Clinic and the practice of Dr. Craig Janssen, a third-generation dentist serving patients in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the surrounding area. Dr. Craig and his friendly staff specialize in reducing the fear and anxiety that people of all ages feel over going to the dentist.

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Dr. Craig and his team of professionals provide an array of dental services ranging from routine cleanings to restorative and cosmetic procedures, all with safe sedation dentistry options available to put you at ease.

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“I cannot thank you enough for my recent experience at your facility. You were able to perform dental work which cannot be done any other way with my vertigo. I want to also thank your staff for their friendly, expert, and professional character. I was going to name some names but those who were with me the most certainly will have no difficulty remembering me. Many thanks especially to them, but I could not help but notice how all your staff work together and emit a feeling that the patient is in good hands. Please let them know how I feel. Thanks again Doc., you and your staff pulled it off.”

James M.

Berlin, WI

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