Biological dentists focus on more than just your oral health

Some corners of the dental industry are seeing a gradual shift in emphasis from one that is solely concerned with oral health issues to a more comprehensive philosophy that takes the patient’s overall well-being into account. Dr. Craig Janssen is evolving his practice at Janssen Dental Clinic as a thought leader in biological dentistry in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Biological dentistry considers oral health to be dependent on the mind and body’s health, and vice versa. This broad approach enables biological dentists to work in topics such as nutrition, immune systems, and heavy metals safety.

“We often see a correlation between a patient’s oral health and other health challenges they may be facing,” Dr. Craig says. “Taking steps to improve the patient’s oral health, combined with wellness-focused changes they can make on their own, can amplify the positive effects they experience with their overall health.”

Biological dentistry is often referred to as holistic dentistry

Biological dentistry is a term that is still finding its way within dental circles as well as our patients. You may see the term “holistic dentistry” used in place of “biological dentistry.” While there certainly is some overlap between the two, we prefer the term “biological dentistry” because of our office’s desire to identify the root cause of your oral health issues.

A holistic dentist may be more likely to use natural therapies in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and maintenance of oral health. A biological dentist conducts an assessment of the patient’s overall physical and emotional well-being before making any decisions on treatments.

Your initial visit with a biological dental office such as Janssen Dental takes a little longer than at most traditional dental offices. We will ask you questions pertaining to your medical history and current health status in addition to taking a fresh set of dental x-rays. Our goal is to understand as much as we can about your body as well as your mouth in developing a treatment plan for the long term.

About Janssen Dental Clinic in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Janssen Dental Clinic is led by Dr. Craig Janssen, a third-generation dentist serving patients in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the surrounding area. Dr. Craig and his staff specialize in oral health as a component of overall well-being, a philosophy of care known as biological dentistry. They have expertise in reducing the fear and anxiety that people of all ages feel over going to the dentist, with services ranging from routine cleanings to restorative and cosmetic procedures. Call (920) 983-8383 to schedule an appointment. New patients are always welcome.