Obtaining detailed images helps us provide appropriate dental care 

As much as a visual exam of your mouth helps your dentist see the more obvious issues going on inside your mouth, there’s no substitute for the detail a full set of dental X-rays provides. The professional team at Janssen Dental Clinic provides Dr. Craig Janssen with all the views he needs to make informed recommendations regarding your care.

Dental X-rays help Dr. Craig see what’s going on inside your teeth and jawbones, as well as below the gumline. They allow him to see areas of decay that may not be visible to the naked eye, particularly when it comes to small issues between your teeth or under old fillings.

In addition to the relatively minor issues that dental X-rays can reveal, they also can help Dr. Craig catch potentially serious issues before they show significant development. These can include infections in the root canal or between the gums and teeth. They also help in the planning stage for implants and other procedures.

Different types of dental X-rays produce different results

We take a couple types of dental X-rays in our efforts to ensure Dr. Craig has all the information he needs for your care. A small camera placed inside your mouth lets us take images without any additional radiation, while 3-D images are especially helpful in letting us see beneath the gumline and within hard structures such as teeth and bone.

Our team uses a handheld device to take 2-D images called bitewings and periapicals. These images show us what’s happening with your teeth above the gumline all the way down into the jawbone beneath your teeth. They help Dr. Craig identify gum disease as well as cavities that might be developing between your teeth. Dr. Craig recommends taking a new set of bitewing dental X-rays every year to help catch issues early. This saves you from more extensive procedures and potentially higher costs in the future.

Dental X-rays are our first line of defense in ensuring we can deliver the best possible outcomes. Dr. Craig depends on these images to give him a complete picture of all the invisible aspects of your dental health that are crucial to providing appropriate care. Contact us to schedule your initial exam with Janssen Dental Clinic. We are always accepting new patients.

About Janssen Dental Clinic in Green Bay, Wisconsin 

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