Pay attention to the aspects of life you can control 

As much as we hoped some of the chaos and uncertainty we have been experiencing would disappear simply by turning the calendar to 2022, the reality is there is only so much we can control. That’s why it’s more important this year than ever to focus on our own mental and physical health. After all, the only person you can truly count on to look out for your best interests is you.

Dr. Craig Janssen and the Janssen Dental Clinic team are committed to providing the high-quality dental care you have come to expect. In addition to honoring your six-month dental checkups with us and annual physicals with your physician, you can take steps toward overall health that are completely within your control.

Have enough fuel in your tank

Eating three meals per day ensures your body has the consistent supply of calories and nutrients it needs for optimal performance. This includes breakfast, too. It’s likely been 12 hours since your last meal, so your body is ready for a refuel. Your body performs best with a mix of healthy proteins and fats that generate a consistent source of energy.

Drink more water

You may be amazed by how much better your body will perform if water is your beverage of choice throughout the day. You might lose some weight without really trying, and your teeth certainly will appreciate the decrease in sugar-loaded soft drinks or staining properties of daylong coffee drinking.

Make healthier snack choices

Think of how many calories you can avoid simply by munching on nuts, fruits or veggies during the day rather than a sugary treat. If you’re really that hungry, could having a healthy breakfast be the solution? Eating healthy snacks throughout the day will make it easier to cut down on portion sizes at meals.

Think happy thoughts

This one sounds simplistic, but generating your own positive energy can do wonders for your mental health. You get to choose what you think about. Move your attention to taking positive, productive action rather than getting caught up in the negativity of a world in which you have little to no control.

Get outside, even in the winter

We tend to spend a lot of time inside during a Wisconsin winter. Unless it’s really cold, make a commitment to going for a walk outside once in a while. It does wonders for clearing your mind as well as helping you get in your steps. You may be surprised at how quickly you’ll warm up as your heart rate increases.


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