More than 60 percent of chronic diseases have an oral health component

Many people take their oral health for granted, only to discover too late they have issues that could have been avoided. Infected teeth, cavities, and periodontal disease usually have no painful symptoms that signal their onset.

The ability for bacteria and their toxic waste products to gain entry into the body through oral health shortcomings puts a strain on the immune system and opens the door to a variety of chronic diseases. Combined with poor nutrition and other risk factors, it’s no coincidence that cases of chronic disease are increasing throughout the Western world.

3 easy ways to strengthen your immune system

In addition to the obvious step of eating a healthy diet, here are three other steps you can take that may improve your overall health and put your body in the best position to ward off chronic disease:

Limit cell phone exposure

Limit your exposure to Wi-Fi signals and use the speaker function on your phone whenever possible so you do not have to place the phone next to your head.

Let the sunshine in

Get outside and enjoy some sun! Your body needs solar energy to manufacture vitamin D3 and other important nutrients that help prevent the majority of chronic diseases. Most sunscreens prevent vitamin D3 formation while introducing potentially harmful chemicals into your body. Instead, apply coconut oil to filter out most of the UVA rays that cause skin cell damage. Coconut oil allows UVB rays to pass through to your skin so you can make vitamin D3.

Get enough restful sleep

Your body and brain require a good 7 to 8 hours of good sleep per night to repair and regenerate. This is best accomplished by sleeping in a room that is dark, even wearing a sleep mask to block out light if necessary. Switch your nightlight or bathroom light to a red light, as white or blue light turns off the melatonin secretion from your brain.

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