Your body needs the right raw materials for optimal health and healing 

Our bodies require a variety of vitamins, minerals and other elements to perform hundreds of essential functions every second of every day. These functions range from food absorption to strengthening bones and even brain activity. Ingesting sufficient amounts of nutrients also helps us enjoy good oral health.

While we are able to obtain a portion of our needs through the foods we eat, supplementing what’s available in foods is necessary to reach optimum levels. Dr. Craig Janssen is a strong proponent of using dietary supplements to fulfill nutritional needs. He believes that supplements and oral health go hand in hand as a key component of biological dentistry.


The role of supplements in our everyday health

Our foods today simply don’t contain the levels of nutrients they did generations ago due to decades of overworked farmland. This means that even eating a healthy diet only goes so far in giving our bodies the amount of nutrients they need.

You might be familiar with the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance), which is not a guarantee of containing optimal amounts. Your recommended levels may vary depending on a wide range of factors including your age, activity level, amount of time spent in the sun, and even whether you are a male or female.

Dr. Craig develops personalized supplement programs for each patient for just this reason. Supplements contain important vitamins and minerals that serve to strengthen our immune system, increase metabolism, and give us more energy. As a biological dentist, he understands the important role that supplements play in helping you maintain overall health.


Convenient access to supplements for your oral health

Janssen Dental Clinic offers a comprehensive assortment of nutritional supplements and health drinks that make it easy for you to obtain the products you need. Feel free to ask our staff or Dr. Craig about the benefits of dietary supplements and oral health.

You can browse our product catalog under the Patient Center tab of our website, or simply Click Here to go directly to that page. A member of our team will contact you to complete your order.


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