Relaxation makes some dental experiences easier to endure  

Janssen Dental Clinic offers sedation dentistry options that help our patients remain relaxed during their dental procedures. We have found this to be very beneficial for patients who require more extensive procedures, as well as for those who are anxious or fearful of coming to the dentist. 

Sedation dentistry can be particularly useful for a biological dentist such as Dr. Craig Janssen because it allows him to perform procedures that may take longer or come with noises that may bother some patients. SMART amalgam filling removals, fixing abfractions (splintered teeth), extractions, and implants. 

“Reducing stress and anxiety in patients helps promote healing and improves the overall experience from your visit,” Dr. Craig says. “Our patients who choose sedation dentistry tell us they can’t imagine a visit without it after experiencing it for the first time.” 

Different types of sedation provide options for each person 

Dr. Craig recommends specific sedation dentistry options depending on the procedure and the needs of the patient. He explains the rationale behind his recommendation as well as what you can expect prior to your procedure. 

Nitrous oxide – We administer this mild form of sedation, also known as laughing gas, through a mask placed over your nose. Nitrous oxide helps you relax and reduces anxiety during your procedure. 

Oral sedation – This technique involves the use of oral medication taken prior to your procedure. You may feel drowsy as the medication takes effect, but you are still able to respond to instructions from the dental team. 

IV sedation – This option involves medication administered intravenously and produces a much deeper level of sedation. You may fall asleep during your procedure and likely will have little to no memory of the experience afterward. 

Sedation dentistry is a valuable option to consider in making your dental experience more pleasant. Please feel free to contact us for more information about sedation dentistry options that may be appropriate for you or other members of your family. 

About Janssen Dental Clinic in Green Bay, Wisconsin 

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