Janssen Dental reopens for regular dental cleanings in Green Bay, Wisconsin 

Providing regular dental cleanings for our patients in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area is a crucial step toward helping your immune system operate at peak efficiency. Dr. Craig Janssen and our team at Janssen Dental are pleased to offer regular dental cleanings again as part of our focus on your overall health.

Dr. Craig’s philosophy of biological dentistry takes into account the overall well-being of your entire body in addition to your oral health. Giving your body all the tools at your disposal helps your immune system function at a high level and fight against disease.

“There is much more to helping your body fight disease than being safe with regard to COVID-19,” Dr. Craig says. “Preventing the underlying health issues that put you at higher risk for any systemic disease is the goal of regular dental cleanings and our biological dentistry focus.”


Regular dental cleanings tackle bacteria rather than viruses

It is important to understand the difference between the bacteria that live in our mouths and bodies, and viruses such as the coronavirus that are not living organisms. Regular dental cleanings are effective in minimizing the number of bacteria you have in your mouth and, to some extent, your body as a whole. This strengthens your body and helps boost your immune system.

For example, inflammation in your gums is an indication there are bacteria at work that is affecting your health. Your immune system works hard to battle that bacteria and this reaction is a known risk factor for heart disease, diabetic complications, lung conditions, and brain function.

Regular dental cleanings hold an important place in biological dentistry and optimizing your overall health. However, they have not been shown to prevent viral infections such as the coronavirus. Strengthening your body’s ability to maintain overall good health is where regular dental cleanings bring the biggest benefit.

Our team will be contacting you soon to reschedule your regular dental cleaning appointment if it was canceled over the past couple of months, and to confirm previously scheduled appointments that are coming up. We appreciate your patience as we work together in navigating this challenging time.


About Janssen Dental Clinic in Green Bay, Wisconsin 

Janssen Dental Clinic is led by Dr. Craig Janssen, a third-generation dentist serving patients in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the surrounding area. Dr. Craig and his staff specialize in oral health as a component of overall well-being, a philosophy of care known as biological dentistry. They have expertise in reducing the fear and anxiety that people of all ages feel over going to the dentist, with services ranging from routine cleanings to restorative and cosmetic procedures. Call (920) 983-8383 to schedule an appointment. New patients are always welcome.