Janssen Dental’s nutritional options include items from Tennant Products

 Dr. Craig Janssen is a strong advocate for pursuing good overall health as a building block for dental health. Janssen Dental assists in this regard by offering nutritional support for oral health through products in Dr. Jerry Tennant’s comprehensive line of nutritional supplements.

Dr. Craig recommends several of Dr. Tennant’s products for patients who want to optimize their health by giving their body’s cells everything they need to work effectively. Nutritional support for oral health encompasses more than just vitamins. It also includes are array of minerals and other raw materials that help your body deliver nutrition directly to where it needs it most.

You can see Dr. Tennant’s products and the rest of the Janssen Dental supplement offerings by clicking here. https://www.janssendentalclinic.com/supplements/

Restore Supplement Shake – 1 scoop per day in a smoothie or glass of water is a tasty alternative to taking pills. This powdered supplement shake works best when used with filtered water free of chlorine and fluoride, or with coconut milk or almond milk. Mix it with fruit in a blender for a full meal replacement. (Do not take if pregnant or nursing unless approved by your healthcare provider.)

Raw Materials Detox – Just two eye droppers or two capsules per day provide the full spectrum of vitamin and mineral supplementation you need to supercharge absorption. The fulvic and humic acids in the formula bind with heavy metals and toxins to safely eliminate them from your system.

Lugol’s Iodine Plus Capsules – Iodine plays a very important role in the function of our bodies, and this product contains a proprietary blend of minerals for proper iodine metabolism. Nutritional support for oral health includes making sure our cells have enough iodine to move the various secretions outside of the cell. Without this ability, secretions can get stuck and form cysts. Iodine kills infectious agents without your body ever becoming resistant to it.

Neo40 – This product delivers nitric oxide to your body in support of healthy blood pressure levels and arterial function, and overall cardiovascular health.

Digestive Enzyme Formula – Any enzyme shortcomings in your system can result in food allergies, including gluten. Any enzyme shortcomings in your system can result in food allergies, including gluten. This proprietary blend contains virtually every known digestive enzyme to ensure your system can absorb all the nutrients you consume.

Visit the Patient Center tab of our website to see our online catalog of nutritional supplements and health drinks. A member of the Janssen Dental team will contact you to complete your order after you make your selections. You also can contact us with any questions.

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