Complete any pending dental treatments before leaving home 

No one ever plans to have a dental emergency while on vacation, but it is a good idea to prepare in the event such an occurrence pops up while you’re away from home. There are several steps you can take prior to hitting the road (or air) that will come in handy if an emergency dental situation arises.

First, you can reduce the chances of a pre-existing dental condition causing problems by completing any planned treatments with Dr. Craig Janssen and the Janssen Dental Clinic team ahead of your vacation. Putting off dental procedures is never a good idea anyway, and it especially puts the enjoyment of your vacation at risk should the condition worsen while you’re away.

Next, do an online search to identify dental and medical providers in the area you will be visiting. Save the results in an easily accessible location so can find them if needed. Use search teams such as “emergency dentist in (the area you will be visiting)” to narrow down your search. If you invest in travel insurance, your provider should have a list of dentists who accept your coverage. Keep in mind that many policies do not provide coverage overseas.

It’s also a good idea to do a similar search for emergency rooms located in your vacation destination. Should a traumatic dental injury occur due to a fall or some other type of incident that results in cracked or dislodged teeth, you will have peace of mind knowing where to access immediate help. The professionals in emergency rooms likely will be able to refer you to appropriate local dental care.

What to do if a dental emergency occurs

Most of us don’t take on adventure activities such as skiing, rock climbing or surfing at home. That means if you’re going to take a digger with a major face plant, the chances of it happening on vacation are much higher than they would be around your house.

In the case of an incident knocking out one or more teeth, rinse the tooth with cold water and gently try to place it back into its socket. Don’t force it, though, because this can damage the tooth or the socket. If you are not able to replace the tooth, the American Dental Association recommends you place it in cool milk or between your cheek and gum until you can get to an emergency dentist.

Speed is of the essence, as the probability of saving the tooth decreases after about 30 minutes. Over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen (brands such as Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil), and topical treatments such Orajel can provide some relief of minor dental discomfort.

Be sure to call Janssen Dental Clinic before you head home so we can schedule an appointment for follow-up treatment as soon as you return.

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