Oral Cancer Screening in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Diagnosing diseases of the mouth and starting treatment as early as possible is crucial for positive outcomes. Dr. Craig Janssen performs oral cancer exams that consist of:

  • Examining the tongue and insides of your mouth for red or white patches or sores
  • Feeling the tissues of the mouth to check for lumps or other abnormalities
  • Order of further tests when abnormalities are found

Many patients experience changes in the mouth, bone, gums, tongue or throat that may or may not be caused by disease, but certainly are worth having checked.

Should I Wait for Symptoms to Appear Before Being Screened?

Absolutely not. In fact, oral cancer screenings should be performed at least once per year, more often if you are at an elevated risk of developing oral cancer.

Dr. Craig will perform a visual screening first to identify any abnormal areas. He may take photos of the inside of your mouth to document the appearance of a lesion, and a biopsy (tissue removal) may be sent to a lab for further analysis.

Oral Cancer Treatments

Treatment options vary depending on the type of disease that is present. Some cases require only the removal of a lesion, while others may involve other specialists such as an ear, nose and throat physician and oncologists.

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