Janssen Dental offers a full line of health drinks and supplements for dental patients in Green Bay


It’s no secret that the typical Wisconsin diet leaves something to be desired when it comes to optimal nutrition. What you may not realize is the effect your diet can have on dental health even if you eat a relatively healthy diet.

Your body relies on good nutrition to strengthen your immune system and fight off infection. This is especially important in your mouth, where bacteria that contributes to periodontal disease is a major risk factor. Sugars that are prevalent in many foods and drinks add stress to your body’s efforts to protect itself.

The good news is a healthy diet, enhanced by high-quality nutritional supplements and an effective oral hygiene routine, can keep your teeth and gums in good working order for your entire life. The challenge comes in closing the nutrition gap that exists because of today’s lesser-quality foods.

Nutritional supplements make up for what our diets lack


Many Americans are chronically deficient of the vitamins and minerals our bodies need for optimal function. Our diets consist largely of store-bought foods that either have been highly processed for longer shelf life or do not possess the same high level of nutrients they did generations ago.

The more locally produced fruits and vegetables you can eat, the better your chances of transforming that produce into nutritional elements your body needs. Simply eating “healthy” foods you buy in the store isn’t good enough in most cases. That’s where nutritional supplements come into play.

But how can you tell if a nutritional supplement is a high-quality choice in a sea of options?

Dr. Craig Janssen’s focus on biological dentistry blends a traditional dental practice with his commitment to helping patients improve your overall health. Janssen Dental Clinic makes it easy for you to obtain high-quality nutritional supplements and health drinks through our online store.

You can browse our catalog of nutritional offerings under the Patient Center tab of our website, or simply Click Here to go directly to that page. A member of our team will contact you to complete your order, and you can always feel free to contact us with any questions.

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