Some foods and drinks are on Santa’s naughty list 

The holiday season is great for spending time with family and connecting with friends. It can be detrimental to your dental health, however, if you go overboard with certain foods and drinks that promote tooth decay or even risk damage to your teeth.

Maintaining your commitment to regular brushing and flossing is your best defense against the sugary and acidic stresses placed on your teeth. After all, we can’t expected to be perfect angels with regard to what we eat throughout the holiday season, right?

Dr. Craig Janssen and our team at Janssen Dental Clinic wish you a happy and blessed Christmas season. We encourage you to enjoy food, treats and beverages in moderation, and say no to personal guilt trips. You deserve to take a break from the stresses of life, if only for a week or so.

Give your teeth a holiday from the really bad stuff

In a table filled with mouth-watering holiday treats, you often will have choices as to what to grab first. Some foods are potentially more harmful to your teeth than others, most notably chewy candies that stick to your teeth and generate decay for a longer period of time.

Foods that are high in starch and sugars, such pizza and many types of crackers, generate acids in your mouth that can damage the enamel on your teeth. This breakdown can occur for 20 minutes after you’re done eating. Rinsing your mouth with water and grabbing some snacks from the veggie tray can reduce those effects.

Colored, carbonated drinks such as dark colas produce a double whammy of sugar coating and stain-inducing color. Candy canes and other hard candies may taste good, but chomping down on them can actually damage your teeth as well as introduce decay-causing sugar.

Cheese can be good news for us Wisconsin cheeseheads

Red wine is a holiday favorite in many homes, but like dark colas, it can discolor your teeth. The good news is a bite of cheese can serve as an antidote to alcoholic drinks. The alkaline in cheese balances the pH level in your mouth from the acid of the alcohol, and the calcium contained in this dairy treat is good for your oral health.

Turkey is another food that’s great for your body. A plentiful source of phosphorus and protein, this soft food is easy on your teeth while delivering nutrients that keep your teeth healthy and strong.

And finally, please avoid opening bottles and packaging with your teeth. Dr. Craig fixes way too many teeth every year for patients who chip them doing tasks we have other tools to accomplish.

Have a great holiday season, and we’ll see you for your regular cleanings in the New Year!

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