Janssen dental patients receive care that extends beyond procedures 

The term “biological dentistry” is a philosophy of care that brings lifestyle elements into the discussion with your dental team. While not always well-understood outside of the dental community, it is a term that is gaining acceptance as patients search for dental professionals who match their desire for optimal overall health.

Dr. Craig Janssen and the Janssen Dental Clinic team are among the best in northeast Wisconsin at delivering the traditional dental care you expect. We also focus on adding a higher level of preventive care to help our patients enjoy a better quality of life.

Biological dentistry at Janssen Dental begins with an extensive intake process for new patients and ongoing health status monitoring for current patients. Your answers to these questions help us customize an individualized treatment plan that takes into account more than just what’s going on in your mouth.

Biological dentistry promotes prevention and healing

Your oral health has a direct impact on your body’s overall health, and vice versa. We believe the connection between these facets of your health impact your body’s ability to attain a healthy state. Giving your body the tools it needs for optimal health can prevent problems and promote healing.

Dr. Craig adheres to a biological dentistry philosophy that takes variables such as your eating habits, use of alcohol or tobacco, stress levels and sleep quality into account when assessing your oral health needs. For example, high stress levels can lead to grinding of teeth, high blood pressure, and interrupted sleep patterns. Reducing that stress can directly enhance your oral health as well as improve other aspects of your health that can lead to chronic disease.

Using biocompatible materials is another benefit of biological dentistry. For example, Dr. Craig uses a composite resin material to fill cavities rather than the amalgam fillings of yesterday. When appropriate, he removes old amalgam fillings using the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART) to ensure safety for the patient as well as staff.

Contact us with questions regarding biological dentistry and how it can benefit for overall well-being.

About Janssen Dental Clinic in Green Bay, Wisconsin 

Janssen Dental Clinic features the dental expertise of Dr. Craig Janssen, a third-generation dentist serving patients in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the surrounding area. Dr. Craig and his staff specialize in oral health as a component of overall well-being, a philosophy of care known as biological dentistry. They have expertise in reducing the fear and anxiety that people of all ages feel over going to the dentist, with services ranging from routine cleanings to restorative and cosmetic procedures. Call (920) 983-8383 to schedule an appointment. New patients are always welcome.