Digital technologies produce lower radiation amounts 

Many of our patients remember back when taking dental X-rays required the operator to hide behind a wall to protect themselves from the significant amounts of radiation released by the X-ray machine. Those days are gone at Janssen Dental Clinic, where modern digital technology lets us take dental X-rays with radiation levels as much as 90 percent less than the old technology.

While this dramatic drop in radiation is a welcome improvement, it is understandable if you still have some concerns about potential exposure from dental X-rays. After all, most of us have gone through life with a healthy respect for any radiation produced by X-rays.

The imaging devices we use at Janssen Dental enable us to zero-in on specific areas of the mouth, limiting the amount of radiation released and dispersed during the process. This results in total radiation doses less than what you encounter in everyday activities such as working on your computer, using your cell phone, or being out in the sun.

Health experts refer to these minimal amounts of radiation under the acronym ALARA, or “as low as reasonably achievable.” Dr. Craig Janssen has invested in dental X-ray technology that meets that criteria.


Dental X-ray images help identify potential issues

Minimizing radiation is just one benefit of the digital dental X-rays we perform at Janssen Dental Clinic. We use the PreXion3D system to obtain large, precise 3D image detail with extremely low radiation exposure for patients and our staff. The clarity of the images we receive with this system gives Dr. Craig the information he needs to see structures that are invisible to the naked eye.

We also use the KaVo NOMAD handheld X-ray system for clear 2D images. You will see our staff use this device when taking bitewing images. Bitewing images show teeth above the gum line and the height of the bone beneath the teeth. They help diagnose gum disease and cavities that might be lurking between your teeth.

Since a lot can happen in your mouth during the course of a year, Dr. Craig recommends obtaining a full set of bitewing X-rays on an annual basis and a full mouth of radiographs every five years. This ensures we catch any potential issues early in their development, saving you the discomfort of more extensive procedures and higher costs down the road.

Call Janssen Dental Clinic today to schedule your appointment, especially if the pandemic has delayed your regular cleanings and checkups over the past year. Your mouth will thank you.

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