Here’s what you need to know about various foods and your teeth 

You already know that sugary soft drinks, candy and cookies are not good for you or your dental health. What might surprise you is the impact that starchy foods such as pizza, crackers and other holiday eating favorites have on tooth decay.

Sugars and starches generate acids in your mouth during the early stages of digestion. These acids can break down the enamel surface of your teeth for 20 minutes after you’re done eating. Foods that are low in sugar and starch reduce those acid attacks and significantly lower your risk of tooth decay.

Dr. Craig Janssen and the Janssen Dental team wish you a happy Christmas season and urge you to be kind to yourself when it comes to holiday eating and drinking. Enjoy your meals and treats in moderation so you can avoid the post-holiday guilt trips that spoil the fun.


Some snacks are actually good for your oral health

Instead of loading up on cookies, consider grabbing fresh fruits and vegetables that are lower in sugar and higher in water and fiber content. They act like a natural toothbrush and reduce the effects of sugar on your teeth. Rinse your mouth with water to cleanse as much sugar from your teeth as possible until you’re able to brush.

As always, the best strategy is to eat a balanced diet and make smart choices. Fill your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and dairy products. Keep in mind that flavored yogurts contain a lot of sugar despite the fact they benefit your digestive tract.

Your mouth’s worst enemies are sticky foods such as caramels, raisins and dried fruits, because they remain in contact with your teeth the longest. These foods can also make their way into crevices in your teeth and cause decay.


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