Dr. Craig Janssen uses composite dental fillings when tooth strength permits

Many of our patients grew up with unattractive silver fillings their dentist used to seal cavities. While these amalgam fillings did a reasonable job in terms of preventing further tooth decay, the material has its shortcomings and many people now would rather avoid the mercury component included in the formula.

Dr. Craig Janssen views composite resin dental fillings as the appropriate choice in his role as a biological dentist. The material performs better than the old amalgam fillings, enhancing the ability of dental professionals to more naturally restore your teeth to their normal strength and function.

Composite dental fillings offer several benefits in addition to being non-toxic and biocompatible. They form a stronger seal that prevents further tooth decay, and feature a variety of properties similar to natural tooth structure.


Composite dental fillings help avoid more extensive procedures

Assuming your tooth retains sound overall structure aside from a typical cavity, composite dental fillings provide superior restoration characteristics that can postpone or even eliminate the need for a root canal or crown procedure. The composite resin material minimizes sensitivity to temperatures and greatly reduces the chance of the tooth fracturing in the future.

One of the most popular benefits of composite dental fillings is they just plain look better. The natural coloring blends with your teeth to be virtually unnoticeable. That certainly is not the case with amalgam fillings, which stick out like a sore thumb due to their dark coloring.

Dr. Craig will suggest removal of amalgam fillings when they have outlived their effectiveness. Small cracks can begin to develop along the margins of an amalgam restoration, and we may see discoloration due to bacterial contamination underneath.

Composite dental fillings feature superior bonding capabilities with your teeth because there is an adhesive layer to the application. That was not the case with amalgam fillings. Going forward, the composite resin material allows us to use x-rays to see inside the tooth for potential recontamination much better than we can with the metal-laden amalgam fillings.

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