Biological dentistry avoids metal crowns and bridges in restorations 

Crowns and bridges are a last resort for Dr. Craig Janssen when patients arrive at Janssen Dental Clinic in need of restoration work. Keeping your natural teeth intact is always Dr. Craig’s primary goal, but there are cases in which that is just not possible. Crowns or bridges then become the next best option, and that opens a set of options pertaining to the best material to use. 

Crowns are man-made caps that dentists place over what is left of a damaged tooth. They restore strength, appearance and functionality for teeth that are cracked, broken, or significantly worn down. Crowns also cover and support teeth that may already have a large filling, and there isn’t enough natural structure left to perform additional restoration work. 

The primary difference between crowns and bridges is a crown is a cap over a single tooth, while bridges “bridge” the gap between missing teeth. Dr. Craig discusses the benefits of these procedures with patients as appropriate. In virtually every case, he will recommend the use ceramic material for its superior combination of safety, appearance, and strength. 

What makes ceramic a good material for dental restorations?

As a biological dentist, Dr. Craig focuses on his patients’ overall health when recommending and performing all dental procedures. Ceramic is his material of choice primarily because it does not contain any metal. This is especially important for patients who may have metal allergies. 

Some dentists opt for stainless steel crowns or other metals because of their strength over the long term. However, stainless steel and metal crowns introduce the potential for associated health concerns, and their appearance is not as natural as that of ceramic crowns. 

Ceramic crowns allow our lab partners to precisely match the color to your neighboring teeth, making their presence virtually undetectable. Just as important, the level of wear they have on opposing teeth is less than all-metal crowns. 

Remember to continue with good dental hygiene, even when it pertains to artificial structures such as crowns and bridges. Daily flossing around the crown where it meets the gumline is especially important, just as it is with your natural teeth. 

Dr. Craig can use ceramic crowns for restorations throughout your mouth that last for many years. Call our office to schedule an appointment and discuss whether dental crowns are appropriate for you.


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