What you eat has a significant impact on your dental health

You already know that minimizing the amount of sugary foods and drinks you consume has a beneficial effect on your dental health. But are you aware that on the opposite end of the equation, good nutrition can actually strengthen your body’s ability to fight off gum disease and tooth decay?

It just makes sense. The more nutrients you provide for your body to operate at peak efficiency, the better your chances of enjoying a healthy mouth. Bleeding gums and decaying teeth are breeding grounds for bacteria, and that can create a snowball effect of potential dental issues.

While sugars have a more obvious and direct impact on your teeth and gums, vitamins and minerals do their work behind the scenes in providing your body with the tools it needs to resist infection. Many researchers believe that poor nutrition can accelerate the progression of gum disease. The good news is this is something you can take action to correct.

Calcium, vitamins are building blocks for nutrition and dental health

Calcium is a primary component of your teeth and jaw bones, so it follows that eating foods containing this essential mineral will do your mouth and body good. You can find calcium in foods such as:

  • Dairy options including yogurt, milk and cheese
  • Fish with soft bones that you can eat, including salmon and canned sardines
  • Most grains, including breads and pasta
  • Some vegetables including kale, broccoli and Chinese cabbage

Vitamin D is an important nutrient because it helps your body absorb calcium. You can find vitamin D in a variety of foods including:

  • Fatty fish such as tuna and salmon
  • Cheese
  • Egg yolks
  • Mushrooms
  • Vitamin D-fortified foods such as milk and orange juice

In addition to these key elements, eating a balanced diet high in nutritional value and low on sugars will help you feel better and even out the peaks and valleys in your daily energy levels. Nutrition and dental health is a connection that will benefit your mouth for the rest of your life.

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