Bite Adjustment to Fix a Misaligned Jaw


A bite adjustment procedure removes interferences that prevent your jaw from closing in the correct position. This misalignment keeps the muscles in the jaw and neck from being able to fully relax, potentially resulting in headaches, neck aches, and tooth pain. Misalignment can lead to grinding your teeth, which can result in a loss of tooth structure, receding gums, and even TMJ issues if left untreated.

Interferences can develop rather suddenly as a result of an injury or as permanent teeth grow into place, or over time with regular wear. Dental treatments such as bridges, crowns, extractions, and fillings can also cause interferences that affect the proper bite.

Bite adjustment procedures usually are minor and painless. The doctor will remove just enough of the tooth or restoration to eliminate the interference indicated from having you bite down on a thin piece of Mylar dental paper.

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