Bioclear Method Delivers Superior Smiles

What if there was a way to enjoy a more attractive smile without the high cost and damage to your teeth that come with porcelain veneers? The revolutionary Bioclear Method may be the answer for you, and Janssen Dental is the only dental clinic in Green Bay to offer this technology.

This non-invasive technique covers your existing teeth with composite material without damaging the underlying structure. It is especially effective in filling in those unsightly black triangles left by receding gums or bone loss.


What are Bioclear Overlays?

The Bioclear Method uses liquid composite overlays to give your smile a beautiful, shiny, smooth finish. After carefully cleaning the surface of your teeth, we use thin forms that fit snugly on your tooth surfaces to create a mold for the Bioclear material.

We inject liquid composite into these molds and harden the resin using a special ultraviolet light. We then shape and polish the tooth, and leave you with an amazing smile all in one visit.


Why Bioclear Instead of Veneers or Crowns?

Bioclear is considered a conservative dental treatment because the overlays preserve your natural teeth structure rather than damaging them as required for installing porcelain veneers.

In addition, crowns are more at risk for decay than Bioclear overlays. That decay can progress from the edge of the crown to underneath it if not immediately addressed. Crowns typically block x-rays from allowing us to see if anything is happening underneath your teeth, while that is not an issue with Bioclear overlays.

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