Dr. Craig Janssen supplements traditional dentistry with a holistic mindset

Dr. Craig Janssen’s commitment to bringing the benefits of biological dentistry to his patients at Janssen Dental Clinic enhances the high-quality dental services he has been providing for more than 35 years. Biological dentistry is not a replacement for traditional dentistry, but rather a whole-body philosophy that recognizes the important connection between oral health and overall well-being.

The benefits of biological dentistry range from minimizing the ability of oral infections to spread to other parts of the body to eliminating the use of potentially toxic materials in dental procedures. Dr. Craig also encourages his patients to leverage the disease-fighting elements found in a healthy diet and nutritional supplements.

Studies have shown that poor oral health can manifest in a number of conditions affecting the rest of the body, such as diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases on one of the primary benefits of biological dentistry.


Use of safe materials is a core principle of biological dentistry


Our team uses a variety of safe materials in treating patients for the benefits they offer in biological dentistry. This begins with using digital x-rays that feature much less radiation exposure than conventional x-rays. Digital x-rays provide a much safer alternative while serving as a superior diagnostic tool.

Ozone, which we use to neutralize acidity in your mouth and create a healthy procedural environment, is an oxygen molecule that contains an extra oxygen atom. We use this biological agent because it is a safer and more effective option than chloride. Ozone therapy is an effective strategy used to treat gum disease because its ability to kill bacteria on contract and penetrate hard-to-reach areas below the gum line.

Dr. Craig’s philosophy with regard to amalgam fillings is another of the biological dentistry benefits geared toward your long-term health. Amalgam fillings are those silver fillings you may have had for cavity repair. The presence of mercury, silver and other metals in amalgam can cause a variety of negative health issues.

Along with using a safer composite resin as his preferred filling material, Dr. Craig also has invested in equipment and training for the safe removal of amalgam fillings that have aged beyond their effectiveness. He uses the SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) to ensure both patients and staff are safe during the procedure.

Please feel free to ask Dr. Craig and the Janssen Dental team more about the benefits of biological dentistry and how we integrate these strategies into traditional dental care.


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