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The Stages of LANAP

LANAP® gives us the ability to possibly save loose teeth that would have needed to be removed otherwise. The steps of LANAP surgery include:

  • Pockets Are Measured
  • Laser Is Used to Remove Bacteria
  • The Calculus Is Removed
  • Laser Is Used to Create A Clot
  • The Gum Tissue Is Compressed 
  • The Bite is Adjusted

The LANAP® Laser Procedure in Green Bay, WI

LANAP® Laser Procedure in Green Bay, WI


With several years of professional expertise and extensive knowledge, Dr. Craig Janssen offers cutting edge laser gum surgery in Green Bay, WI using the state of the art LANAP® laser protocol. For patients who need gum disease treatment, this laser surgery option is FDA approved, providing patients with a safe and minimally invasive alternative to treat periodontal disease.

Benefits of LANAP® Laser Treatment

There are many benefits for patients who opt for the LANAP® protocol as their gum disease treatment of choice. Dr. Janssen’s patients often experience several benefits, including:

  • Minimal discomfort
  • Minimal bleeding and swelling
  • Less recovery time
  • Little to no recession resulting from treatment

All of these benefits combine to provide each patient with a positive experience and a renewed, healthier smile.

Simple Steps of the LANAP® Protocol

This revolutionary gum disease treatment follows a series of simple steps.

LANAP® Laser Procedure in Green Bay, WI
Pocket Measurement
The "pockets" refer to the spaces between the teeth and gum tissue that harbor harmful bacteria. Dr. Janssen will begin by measuring the depths of these pockets.
Bacteria Removal
Dr. Janssen removes diseased gum tissue and kills the bacteria that cause periodontal disease.
Calculus Removal
Deposits of calculus (tartar) that are harmful to teeth and gum tissue are removed from the surfaces of the teeth beneath the gum line.
Clots Seal Gum Tissue
Dr. Janssen uses the laser to stimulate the jaw bone and soft tissue and help the blood to clot, forming a seal around each tooth.
Compressed Gum Tissue
Dr. Janssen compresses the gum tissue against the surfaces of the teeth. No sutures are required.
Bite Adjustment
Dr. Janssen will make sure no undue pressure is put on any one tooth in the mouth, especially if there has been significant bone loss.

Dr. Janssen provides LANAP® laser surgery as a gum disease treatment option because it allows him to save healthy tissue, minimizes each patient’s pain and discomfort, and allows healing to take place quickly and naturally. Call Dr. Janssen today to see if you are a candidate for laser gum surgery in Green Bay, WI. 

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