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If I Don't Choose LANAP, What Can I Expect?

LANAP FAQs in Green Bay, WI
  • Extraction of Teeth Affected by Gum Disease
  • Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth
  • Traditional Osseous Surgery with a 2-4 Week Recovery with Possible Pain and Swelling
  • Scaling and Root Planing which Maintains Pocket Depth but Has Minimal Effect on Pocket Reduction or Bone Regeneration

Whoopi's Osseous Gum Surgery Experience

LANAP FAQs in Green Bay, WI

Dr. Craig Janssen provides innovative gum disease surgery using the revolutionary LANAP® laser protocol. This periodontal disease treatment is a noninvasive procedure that has been approved by the FDA after years of extensive research. Unlike traditional gum disease surgery, LANAP® treatment offers patients the removal of harmful bacteria and diseased tissue without cutting or suturing, resulting in minimal down time, discomfort, and inflammation. To see if you qualify for this state of the art gum disease surgery in Green Bay, WI, call Dr. Janssen for your personal consultation.

The LANAP® protocol was the first FDA approved laser periodontal disease treatment on the market. Extensive research from around the world was completed and compiled before LANAP® treatment was made available for use in the United States. In addition, Dr. Janssen is trained and certified to perform LANAP® laser therapy as an alternative to traditional gum disease surgery.
Dr. Janssen performs a series of steps in the LANAP® protocol that start by identifying pockets of diseased tissue for removal by the laser. Deposits of tartar are removed from the root surfaces, and the laser assists in creating a clot that enables Dr. Janssen to seal off the area for healing. Additionally, the laser helps to regenerate necessary bone that has been lost to periodontal disease, helping to save teeth that may otherwise have been lost. There are no incisions or sutures, so healing time is quick and discomfort is minimal.
With LANAP® laser treatment, Dr. Janssen does not need to cut into any tissue, whether healthy or diseased. The laser is only absorbed by diseased tissue which is then removed, so healing time is less than that of traditional gum disease surgery. Many of our patients go back to work the same day as LANAP® periodontal disease treatment is performed.
Come and see if LANAP® laser treatment is right for you! If you suffer from gum disease and require periodontal disease treatment, call Dr. Janssen today for your consultation.

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Dr. Craig Janssen is proud to be one of the leading dentists in the area practicing sedation dentistry. No longer do your fears need to keep you from the denstist. Our highly trained staff will help bring your smile out every step of the way.